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On Race, Species and Becoming Human - Lecture by Zakiyyah Jackson


On Race, Species and Becoming Human was livestreamed from Kaaistudio's on March 25 2021. This evening is organized by the Race & Research Network at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in cooperation with RHEA, VUB Crosstalks, Kaaitheater and the Race-Religion Constellation project at Radboud Universiteit in the Netherlands. As such this event is part of A series of More-Than-Human Encounters developed by VUB Crosstalks and Kaaitheater, as well as a continuation of the yearly tradition to highlight the International Day Against Racism at the VUB initiated by the Race & Research Network in 2020.

Want to delve into the theme?

Have a look at the lexicon for the series of More-Than-Human Encounters, a list of less evident terminology used in the lectures of the series.

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