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More-Than-Human Encounters: The Fungi Paradigm


More and more fungi enthusiasts and scientists are seeking to re-tell our western scientific story of the origins of life in a way that does justice to the crucial role fungi play In the life of our planet. The “kingdoms” – plant, animal, insect and viral – into which this life is traditionally classical divided, are revealed to be deeply indebted to the fungi “queendom”, and interconnected in critical ways by the underground world of fungi.  

The Fungi Paradigm took place at the Kaaistudio's on November 9th 2021. It was the second evening in the second series of More-Than-Human Encounters (2021-2022), a collaboration between VUB-Crosstalks and Kaaitheater.

Want to delve into the theme?

Have a look at the lexicon for the series of More-Than-Human Encounters, a list of less evident terminology used in the lectures of the series.

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