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Critical Thinking within Islam#1: Lecture and text by Hela Ouardi

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Lecture (30')

Hela Ouardi teaches French literature and civilization at the university of Tunis - Faculty of Letters and Humanities. Her recent work focuses on the early period of Islam, and is based on broad historical research of the sources of the Sunni and Shiite Muslim traditions. In her online lecture titled Rendre l'Islam à l'Histoire  [Rendering Islam to History] Hela Ouardi elaborates about her historical research.

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In the accompanying text L’islam à l’épreuve de son Histoire  [Islam, facing its history], she analyzes the historical genesis, more specifically the founding period of Islam. A turbulent political period that is clearly less rosy than many Muslims portray it. According to Ouardi, the creation of the caliphate during this period marks the birth of political Islam, the consequences of which can be felt until this day. Read the text in French, English or Dutch.


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