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Visit to CERN with Luc Tuymans, Paul Dujardin, Bonom and Paul Michiels


For the next Entr’Acte, which takes place at Bozar on March 19, physicist Jorgen D’Hondt invites five people whose works fascinate and inspire him: painter Luc Tuymans, street artist and performer Bonom, musicians Paul Michiels and Bart Watté, and Paul Dujardin, CEO of Bozar. In order to acquaint these people with the basics of particle physics, Jorgen D’Hondt invited them and the Crosstalks-team for a visit to CERN mid-January. D’Hondt has recently been chosen the Chair of the CMS in Geneva, the experiment which led to the discovery of the Higgs particle, for which the Belgian scientist François Englert and his colleague Peter Higgs received the Nobel Prize for Physics. Being passionate about physics in the first place, Jorgen D'Hondt was the perfect guide for the artists and other guests in Geneva. In Brussels Kurt Van Eeghem will host the conversations. 

“Today we no longer have the right to pretend that we command a unique position from which we can view the truth about the world. We must learn not to judge different areas of knowledge, culture, or art, but to combine them and to establish new ways of coexistence with those who enable us to meet the unique demands of our time.”

Ilya Prigogine & Isabelle Stengers,
Man’s New Dialogue With Nature,1979

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