Philipp Blom as an invited speaker in Brussels in March and April 2015

Recently read Alleen De Wolken. Cultuur en crisis in Het Westen. (1918-1938), The Wicked Company or another book by Philipp Blom? Crosstalks, De Buren, Oikos and Kaaitheater give you four opportunities to attend a talk or debate with this German historian in Brussels the next coming months.


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TED-talks on the longevity revolution: Age as a potential


Today we live 34 years longer than our great-grandparents did. Yet, we are still living with the old paradigm of age as an arch: we are born, peak at midlife and then there is nothing but decline. In this TED-talk Jane Fonda (76) talks about old age as the third act: a developmental stage of life with its own significance, as different from midlife as adolescence is from childhood. Instead of an arch, she uses a staircase as a metaphor for life: an upward ascension bringing us wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. Age as a potential instead of a pathology. That older people feel less stressed less anxious, less hostile, and sometimes even happier than younger people also becomes clear from Isabel Allende’s (71) TED-talk. In her talk she reflects upon her fears as she grows older and shares how living passionately is her solution to keep on feeling young.

Check our call for participation to share your ideas on aging.

Kaggle and big data

A leading platform for competitions in predictive modeling. No age limit!


Feel like entering a competitive world where companies and organizations from all over the world post their challenges for the years to come?

Log in alone or with your team, build a model and enter Kaggle, the Home of Data Science. Some issues like the prediction of ocean health, has 302 teams competing, an Axa competition on the use of telematic data to identify a driver signature counts 427 competing teams. A popular one is the classification of the sentiment of sentences from the dataset of Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews.

The rewards are financial ones (up to 175,000 $) or simply a win-win at the knowledge level. The cases and partners and competitions are all online.

According to their website, Kaggle has worked with more than twenty Fortune 500 companies, ranging from industrial manufacturing to pharmaceutical companies, retailers and technology companies. Apart from the competitions, Kaggle is likewise an intensive community with user rankings, forums, a blog and the public Wiki.

“Today we no longer have the right to pretend that we command a unique position from which we can view the truth about the world. We must learn not to judge different areas of knowledge, culture, or art, but to combine them and to establish new ways of coexistence with those who enable us to meet the unique demands of our time.”

Ilya Prigogine & Isabelle Stengers,
Man’s New Dialogue With Nature,1979

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