Attitude, Design & Action


11 Sep 2009

De Markten, Brussels

On Friday September 11, 2009 at De Markten, Brussels, we organised 'Attitude, Design & Action’, the fifth in a series of workshops within the Energy Efficiency project that started in 2008 to explore the interdependencies between individual behavior, political will, effective incentives, technology expertise & pilot-projects, available tools & transparent interfaces.


Event chairs: Alok Nandi (Founder of Architempo and Pecha Kucha Night Brussels) and Gerrit-Jan Schaeffer (Director of Innovation & Renovation at VITO)
(talks 30' + 10' discussion)

8:45 Coffee & registration
9:00 – 9:40 Getting mobile/ A Sustainable Approach - Joeri De Ridder (AVERE, Greenmobil, BE)
9:40 – 10:20 Smart Metering/ Managing energy use – Martin Vesper (Yellostrom, GE)
10:20 – 11:20 Invited Talk/ Social proof as an effective incentive for energy efficient behavior – Alex Laskey (Positive Energy/Arizona State University, USA)
11:20 – 11:40 Coffee Break
11:40 – 12:20 Eco Design/ Addict lab: eco and green design - Jan Van Mol (Addictlab, BE)
12:20 – 13:00 Visual Voltage/ Engaging people - Olle Dierks (Interactive Institute, SE)
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Visit to the Expo Visual Voltage by the Interactive Institute of Sweden @ Kanselarijstraat 19 – Brussels

Bios / Slides

Alok b. Nandi is active in cross-media design, concept, scenario, information architecture, articulating space and technology, mixing internet with different communication channels: in publishing, exhibitions and festivals. Adviser to projects (R&D, EU), companies and institutions, with a focus on innovation and change. Professor/lecturer and speaker. Background combines engineering, management and cinema studies.

Gerrit Jan Schaeffer
has 15 years of experience in energy research at the Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ECN). He got a PhD in 1998 on an analytical study of the dynamics in the history of fuel cell research. He has published on fuel cells, renewable energy policy issues, technology learning curves, energy models, integration of distruted generation and renewables and "Smart Grids". He has coordinated several EU-wide projects on these issues. Currently he is Manager of the "Intelligent Energy Management" group within the research program "Intelligent Electricity Grids" at ECN. Currently he is director of innovation & renovation at VITO, concentrating primarily on developing and stimulating technological innovation.

Joeri De Ridder is technical advisor at NV GREEN MOBIL SA and President of ASBE (AVERE Belgium). He has an extensive customer-oriented background in the field of sustainable mobility. He brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience in battery electric vehicles to the GREEN MOBIL team. Over the last four years he has focused on marketing, selling and bringing to the market personal electric vehicles for city use. In this aim, he helps organize the yearly Ecomobiel fairs in Antwerp, which enjoys growing success. In March 2007 Joeri trained at Mega-Aixam (France) on DC-drives. Joeri joined forces with Green Mobil in 2007, where he became responsible for technical matters. He also participates to sales and marketing operations and press and public relations in Flanders. Later that year he followed a three weeks' comprehensive technical training on REVA cars in Bangalore (India) at the facilities of RECC, the producer of the REVA cars . In 2008, he was elected President of ASBE , the Belgian section of AVERE (European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles).

Martin Vesper is CEO at Yello Strom, Germany. With 1.4 million customers, Yello is among Germany's 10 largest energy companies. Known for its progressive methods of working with customers, Yello approached IDEO to create a design language for an engaging, easy-to-understand electricity meter that makes personal energy consumption more accessible to users. The Yello Sparzähler meters are among the first of a new generation of remotely readable household instruments in Germany and mark a technology shift from black box to open book. Meter data is transferred to Yello via the Internet and can be accessed by customers through a software tool that Yello developed with an outside software firm. This tool displays a customer's energy usage in watts, kilowatt hours, even euros, which lets people make real-time energy- and money-saving adjustments for short- and long-term impact. The Yello Sparzähler shows consumers how much energy is used by their home's appliances, from washing machines and driers to refrigerators and stoves. In designing the meter and peripheral devices, IDEO focused on Yello's brand attributes: simple, positive, safe, smart, and affordable. IDEO also worked to create a device that would not overwhelm consumers with complex technology. As a result, an outer front casing -- in yellow (for basements and utility rooms) and white (for living spaces) -- conceals the mechanics of the device, while an LCD screen glows through the casing to show customers usage information. This re-interpretation of the revolving wheel found on traditional analog meters gives consumers an engaging "sign of life" that reminds them that their in-home power consumption can be tracked and their usage behavior altered based on their findings.

Alex Laskey is President and Founder of Positive Energy. His expertise is in marketing and policy. Most recently he worked on several statewide ballot measures on environmental issues with the public opinion research and political strategy firm of Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, and Associates (FMMA). While at FMMA, Laskey provided strategic consulting for The Nature Conservancy, The Trust for Public Land, The League of Conservation Voters, and the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency. Previously, Laskey managed a high profile campaign for the California State Assembly and ran other local and state campaigns. Laskey has worked in the White House and on two presidential campaigns. Before turning to politics and policy, Laskey worked as the director of new business for The Romann Group, a New York-based advertising agency where he identified, pursued and signed on over $50 million in business from consumer-facing clients including Citibank, Echostar - Dish Network, Priceline, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T. Alex Laskey received his B.A. in History of Science from Harvard University where he received a Ford Foundation Grant for his research on the environmental history of the American West.

Alex Laskey will answer specific questions/share selected materials with people who get in touch:

Jan Van Mol has been called a concept king, a brand guru, a renaissance man, a pioneer in the creative industry. With an addiction to, and respect for, human creativity he has been doing research and building up cases in the advertising, fashion, cooking, art and design scene, setting up a system using thousands of collaborators from different cultures and backgrounds, implementing collaborative processes and complete out of the box thinking. The system allows human talent to be accelerated. This system allows him to redefine 'marketing', offer innovation to the industry, and brand inspiration to cities. Jan van Mol's Ad!dict Creative Lab (in short is a creative laboratory uniting thousands of creatives from all over the world and over 30 disciplines (amongst others: fashion, photography, architecture, cooking, design, materials, music, advertising, branding). Jan Van Mol was recently selected by I.D. magazine for their top 40 of undersung heroes influencing the creative industry. He created branding tools such as 'inspiration showers©' and the so-called Creative X-Ray© allowing brands like Diesel, Nike, Thalys, BMW, Toyota, and also non-profit organisations, the city of Rotterdam, the city of Kortrijk and the Flemish Government to tap into Addicts unmatched pool of creative and multidisciplinary talent to further enhance their product innovation and brand identity.

Olle Dierks
is Communication Strategist at Interactive Institute Stockholm Area, Sweden. Olle Dierks graduated in Economics and Law at the School of Business, Gothenburg University. Formerly he worked as a project manager at Gothenburg City Theatre and was co-founder of Abnorm Design Company. Olle Dierks has been active for several years in designing web, print, clothes and video for clients such as Diesel, Miramax and NGO's connected to Sida. Combining knowledge in business, science and technology with a design and CSR background, he is a creative generalist with a wide knowledge in separate but connected areas, such as business visions, open innovation, communication strategies, public relations, project management, ideation, information design, and visual arts. From April 2008 until present he has been developing strategies of how to make energy design projects useful for the world. Examples of his present work are the world touring exhibition Visual Voltage, the Open Innovation initiative in Eskilstuna, the energy concept house for Kulturhuset and the dissemination for the EU research project BeAware.