27-02-2018 - Redesigning Life Workshops


27 Feb 2018

Open BioLab, Laarbeeklaan 121, 1090 Brussel

Redelijk Eigenzinnig / Reason and Engage (VUB) is an interdisciplinary course for students and a series of lectures and activities open to all. The third edition of Redelijk Eigenzinnig / Reason and Engage explores scopes and impact of new technologies.


18:00-21:00 - Several activities to explore and experience scopes and impact of recent advances in the life sciences

- Workshop '3D-printed biotissues'. With Yoni Baert
- Workshop 'DIY-biotech'. With Tom Peeters
- Documentary 'Bio-hacking: we need an upgrade'. With Floor Brock and Laura Okkersen.

The workshops will be followed by a debate. With Thierry Vanden Driessche, Eveline Peeters, Katia Pauwels and Massimilliano Simons.

Advances in biotechnology and bioengineering are both promising and exciting. Scientists in the field of regenerative medicine, for example, seem to be opening innovative approaches to the treatment of illness, injury, and disability. The quite recent scientific domain of synthetic biology promises to enable the production of new pharmaceuticals, the remediation of polluted sites and the generation of biofuels. Biotechnological breakthroughs could have a significant impact on human health and well-being and might help to pave the way for a more sustainable future. But at the same time they do raise a variety of concerns and questions. What about the long term impact of human-designed organisms on human health and the environment? How do we prevent for possible abuses? To what extend and under what circumstances can we accept gene editing? Is biotech healthcare accessible to all? Will (bio)technology result in a new human species? This event wants to explore the scientific, medical, social, ecological and ethical issues related to the ‘redesigning of life’.