24/02/2015 - Snake Dance, a film by Manu Riche and Patrick Marnham


24 Feb 2015

CINEMA RITS, Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 70, Brussel. (Ingang via het RITS Café)

Two experienced storytellers, filmmaker Manu Riche and writer Patrick Marnham, join forces to tell the story of the invention of the atomic bomb and its unintended consequences in today’s world.

They follow the tracks of 2 historical characters who, each in their own way, forged this story: German-born Aby Warburg, the heir to a banking dynasty who became an anthropologist and studied the Pueblo Indians of Los Alamos, and Robert Oppenheimer, a brilliant idealist who will always be known as the inventor of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

From booming New Mexico to war-stricken Congo and earthquake-devastated Japan, Snake Dance offers a compelling reflection on the Promethean dimensions of nuclear power.


Tuesday 24th of February, 2015 - 19.00h.

18.00-19.00h. - Ticketing

19.00-21.00h. - Screening Snake Dance (75'), preceded by a performance by Jerry Killick

21.00-21.30h. - Aftertalk with Manu Riche, Patrick Marnham and Jorgen D'Hondt (VUB)

21.00-22.30h. - Drinks & networking in the Rits Café

Tickets cost 2 euros (for students, EhB-staff and CJP-members) or 5 euros (externals). Tickets are on sale at the entrance of CINEMA RITS each film evening between 18.00h and 19.00h.




Tickets cost 2 euros (for students, EhB-staff and CJP-members) or 5 euros (externals). Tickets are on sale at the entrance of CINEMA RITS each film evening between 18.00h and 19.00h.

Bios / Slides

Manu Riche (°1964) is a Belgian documentary filmmaker. He was an early contributor to the legendary documentary magazine Strip-Tease produced by Belgian TV channel RTBF. During the nineties he worked on several independent films in co-production with European public broadcasters. In 2002/2003 he explored the relationship between fiction and documentary in two major films on Belgian personalities, King Baudouin I and Georges Simenon (co-written by Patrick Marnham). He is the initiator, producer and director of Hoge Bomen,a series of portraits on formal and informal power in Belgium at the beginning of the 21st century.

Patrick Marnham (°1943) is an English journalist, biographer and writer of travel books. He is primarily known for his biographies, where he has covered subjects as diverse as Diego Rivera, Georges Simenon, Jean Moulin and Mary Wesley. As a journalist, he has written for The Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian and The Observer among others. From 1968 till 1971 Marnham was a scriptwriter for BBC Television. His film work includes L’Homme qui n’était pas Maigret with Manu Riche. His books have won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award and the Marsh Biography Award.

Jorgen D'Hondt (°1977) received the award for social valorization from the Free University of Brussels for 2014-2015. He is professor in physics and leading the elementary particles research group in Brussels. D’Hondt is also director of the Interuniversity Institute for High Energy (IIHE) at the VUB and its French-speaking counterpart ULB. He furthermore heads the Young Academy in Belgium, an initiative of the Royal Flemish Academy of Arts and Sciences, which supports interdisciplinary work. The non-profit World Economic Forum selected D’Hondt as its “Young Scientist 2013”, one of the 40 best scientists under the age of 40.

D’Hondt has been chosen as the new chair of the CMS experiment at Cern – the European laboratory for high-energy physics in Switzerland. The CMS experiment led to the discovery of the Higgs particle, for which the Belgian scientist François Englert and his colleague Peter Higgs recently received the Nobel Prize for Physics. For the next two-and-a-half years, D’Hondt will lead the CMS board of directors, which unites 183 institutions from 43 countries and counts about 4,300 members.

Jerry Killick (°1966) is an international performer and actor who spent most of his career in devised theatre. He regularly collaborated with Forced Entertainment (UK), performing in a dozen of their pieces including First Night (2001), Bloody Mess (2004), and The Thrill of it all (2010). Other UK work includes collaborations with Volcano and Third Angel and performing in Michael Frayn's play Copenhagen in the West End. He’s also worked with Carly Wijs on F=ma and with Davis Freeman on Investment, 7 Promises and A Better Place. Film credits include Lap by Meloni Pool, which features in the Capture Anthologies Love, Lust and Tragedy (2010) and My Wrongs (2003) by Chris Morris. The recent years he has been working with Ultima Vez and Wim Vandekeybus for the theatre productions Booty Looting (2012) and Talk to the Demon (2014), and for the films Monkey Sandwich (2011) and Galloping Mind (2015).