23/05/2013 - Closed loop: the reuse and recycling of plastic packaging


23 May 2013

ICAB, Witte Patersstraat 4, 1040 Brussels, Room MADERA

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By 2020 all EU-countries should be able to recycle 50% of their household waste. Household plastics and packaging are the biggest sources of plastic waste. How can we reduce that waste? Is optimizing the recycling of plastic the only way to prevent it from ending up in the oceans or in landfills? Is the reuse of plastic bottles preferable to recycling them?
This workshop zooms in on the technical state of the art and the major challenges for waste legislation and management in Belgium, in the UK and at EU level.



Session Chair: Wendy Meulebroeck (Photonics Lab, VUB)

13:30-14:00 Registration, coffee & welcome

14:10-14:40 Science & Technology State of the art. Collecting, sorting and recycling techniques - Nick Cliffe, Closed Loop Recycling, UK

14:40-15:00 Q&A

15:00-15:30 Challenges for Packaging Waste Legislation (& Container Deposits) in Belgium - Marc Adams, Director IVCIE, Interregional Packaging Commission, BE

15:30-15:40 Q&A

15:40-16:00 Coffee & tea break

16:00-16:30 Upcoming European Commission Initiatives on Packaging and Plastic Waste - Marianne Muller, Directorate-General for Environment, European Commission

16:30-16:45 Q&A

16:45-17:45 Closing Panel discussion on challenges and bottlenecks for (Belgian) recyclers with the invited speakers and Wim Grymonprez (Flanders Plastic Vision) and Mik Van Gaever (Fost Plus)

17:45-18:30 Drinks & Networking