(2009-2012): Optimal Partnerships through Transparency


After the successful launch of the third CROSSTALKS book 'In Sickness and in Health' and in continuation of the Future of Medication project we are happy to announce our follow-up program "Optimal Partnerships through Transparency". This new project wants to engage all stakeholders in health care to create more transparency .

The partners want to continue the open CROSSTALKS platform and expand the network associated with it towards the French speaking part of Belgium, all the Belgian sickness funds, general managers of academic and private care institutions and regulatory organisms. The Accompanying Committee will be composed accordingly.

The constructive CROSSTALKS method will engage all stakeholders in

•  exchanging the value supply chain of their respective products and services
•  exploring the merits and efficiency of their organization, its pricing and ethical code  
•  defining future challenges and common goals
•  stimulating a serene and value driven national public debate

We start with six explorative thematic workshops following the same format: the first part consists of 3 lectures from different perspectives on the chosen theme and a panel-discussion with representatives of all stakeholders in health care: (1) regulatory organisms, (2) care providers (doctors, pharmacists..), (3) sickness/health funds, (4) hospitals (university, private...), (5) pharmaceutical industry, (6) patients.


The project is supported and co-directed by an accompanying committee chaired
by VUB professor Alain Dupont and seating academic, industrial and
governmental policy makers from the Belgian health care arena.

Lieven Annemans - VUB/UGent

Julien Brabants – GlaxoSmithKline

Jo De Cock – Riziv

Xavier De Cuyper - FAGGS

Ri De Ridder - Riziv

Christian De La Porte – Johnson & Johnson

Jacques De Toeuf – voorzitter E-health

Alain Dupont – VUB (chairman)

Joeri Guillaume – Socialistische Mutualiteiten

Marc Justaert – Christelijke Mutualiteiten

Eric Lechien – UCB

Peter Menu – Pfizer

Greet Musch - FAGGS

Guy Peeters – Socialistische Mutualiteiten

Piet Schutyser – AstraZeneca Foundation

Jan Van Emelen – Onafh. Ziekenfondsen

Anne Van Lancker - Consultant & Gewezen Europees Parlementslid 

Marleen Wynants – CROSSTALKS


This project can be realized thanks to the partnership of VUB CROSSTALKS, Pfizer, UCB, Astra Zeneca Foundation, Janssen Pharmaceutica and GSK and the collaboration with NIC, Riziv, the major Belgian Sickness Funds and other stakeholders in the Belgian health care sector. 


Marleen Wynants is CROSSTALKS Operational Director
[T] 32 (0)2 629 22 18

Sara Engelen is CROSSTALKS Production Assistant
[T] 32 (0)2 629 22 18