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Energy Efficiency - Facing the Facts & Learning to Cooperate. What can investors, corporate business, energy providers and distributors, policy makers, researchers and individuals learn from a cross-disciplinary approach to energy efficiency?
A lot. That’s what we think.

There is common acknowledgement of the perceived urge to solve the world's energy problem. There are extensive examples of R&D projects, industrial innovations, tools, trials and tribulations set out to challenge and develop (hybrid) forms of solutions. But where do the paradigm shifts emerge spontaneously and where do they need a top-down incentive?

The Energy Efficiency project is a joint project by Brussels Capital Region, CROSSTALKS, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Flanders District of Creativity with VITO, UGENT, IBBT as structural partners and 3E and BURO II as supporting partners.

Sustainanble Energy EuropeCROSSTALKS and the Energy Efficiency project are official campaign associates of the European Union - Sustainable Energy Week.

The cross-disciplinary procedure allows investors, corporate business, energy providers and distributors, policymakers, researchers and individual citizens to interact and exchange ideas in order to come to common and collaborative objectives. Input comes from evolutionary biology, physics, engineering and outer space programs to economy, design & architecture,..



This pre-publication wraps up the interdisciplinary launch of the CROSSTALKS project Energy Efficiency: Facing the Facts and Learning to Cooperate.

We enter the last stage of the energy era and the problems have become bigger than the benefits. We are in the midst of 4 substantial crises: (1) the reliance of cheap labor, logistics, global economy and food on energy (2) the location of the oil production in political instable countries (3) reaching peak oil, meaning that pretty soon now half of the global oil is used up and the second half will become unaffordable (4) the highly underestimated feedback loop of the climate change.

The frog indeed is boiling and the global economic crisis might just be the golden opportunity to tackle these questions in a sustainable way. Contributions by the late Nicolas Glansdorff, Max Mergeay, Angelo Vermeulen & Kristina Ianatchkova, Elke Beyer, Geert Palmers and Gerrit Jan Schaeffer.

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Energy Efficiency is a joint project by:

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