18/09/2012 - Progress in Plastics


18 Sep 2012

Plastics have become the key drivers of innovation. Whether it is plastics from petrochemicals, bio-plastic or bio-degradable plastics, the application areas are boosting: the automotive field, rail, transport, defense and aerospace, medical and healthcare, electrical and electronics, telecommunication, building and infrastructure, furniture and tools, etc. And then home based 3D printing has not even started! Plastics enhance the quality, comfort and safety of modern lifestyles for people of all income groups. Yet, their impact on the environment and on human health is an important issue.

Although major efforts and breakthrough research projects have been set up by academic and industrial researchers during the past years, an open exchange of best practices and innovative solutions between all stakeholders is not a given thing. And that is exactly where CROSSTALKS comes in: through its bottom-up approach and interdisciplinary networking events CROSSTALKS aims at the development of new insights, projects and partnerships with regard to the sustainable production and end-of-life treatment of plastics, in order to create a pre-trajectory for future policy making and to indicate probing issues for future research.

In a well defined series of internationally directed workshops and from different disciplinary perspectives – industry, topnotch research, policymaking, design and art – we want to zoom in on production and recycling issues, and consider regional and global regulations and best practices with regard to environmental and health safety.

The exact choice of the topics is to be decided by an accompanying committee consisting of partners and an inter-university representation of disciplines.