17/06/2014 - The (Mis)Representation of Women In Arts And Media: an Intergenerational Debate


17 Jun 2014

Bozar, Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussel

The representation of women in media, theatre, film and performance is differently perceived by different generations of men and women. Is this because the media and the digital representations are so many, so everywhere and so out of any context? Or is it because the older generations of feminists – both men and women – are more concerned about the current representation than the younger generations? Or is there no conflict at all between these generations, except in the media? Is there a global view on the representation of women and their rights and what is denigrating and discriminating? Do we still need activism and on what levels? When is it activism? When does activism become art?


11.00-12.30 h.: Press Conference + guided visit to the Summer of Photography

13.00-15.00 h.: Intergenerational debate on the representation of gender in arts and media. (Session Chair: Hilde Van Gelder - KU Leuven)
Keynote by Kathleen Van Brempt (sp.a)

Debate, animated by series of images and film stills with Saddie Choua (filmmaker), Geert Stadeus (Snoecks), Muriel Andrin (ULB, SAGES - Savoirs, Genre et Société ), Gino Delmotte (BrandSpecies/UGent) and Dirk Reynders (VUB/MADfaculty). 

15.00-16.00 h.: Film screening Saddie Choua + Guided visit through the exhibition The Belgian Six by the curator Nicholas Lewis.

16.00-17.00 h.: Transgenderism: from underground to popular culture (Session chair: Christine Eyene, curator and art critic) Debate, animated by series of images and film stills with Griet De Cuypere (Centrum voor Seksualiteit en Genderproblematiek, UGent), Shigeyuki Kihara (artist), Joz Motmans (Universiteit Antwerpen) and Steven Cohen (artist)

18.00-20.00 h.: For female and male soccer fans: World Cup Brazil 2014 Livestreaming of Belgium-Algeria in the Horta Hall

 20.15-20.30 h.: Opening speeches The Summer of Photography

20.30-20.45 h.: Keynote by Marleen Temmerman (WHO/UGent)

20.45-21.15 h.: Performance Chandelier by Steven Cohen in the Horta Hall + Reception and opening exhibition

21.30-22.30 h.: Official opening debate on Arts, gender and activism (Session chair: Marleen Wynants - Crosstalks)
Keynote by Marleen Temmerman (WHO/UGent)
Debate with Simone Susskind (Member of various feminist organizations, for peace in the Middle East and intercultural dialogue), Joëlle Milquet (CdH), Marleen Temmerman (WHO/UGent), and members of a Russian feminist art collective



Film still from The Pussy Riot guide to Feminism by Saddie Choua