11-05-2017 - Music and Muslim Culture


11 May 2017

KVS, Arduinkaai 7, 1000 Brussel

Moroccan sociologist Fatima Mernissi (1940-2015) was a great inspiration for the development of feminism in the Muslim world. Mernissi was also a key figure in the Caravan Civique, a network of musicians, intellectuals, poets and writers that forms a bridge between people in rural and urban areas and the cultural world.
The second activity of Slam The City focuses on the world of young Muslims. In contrast to the dominant discourse that mainly connects Muslims youngsters to the danger of radicalization, the lecture on Muslim youth, Islam and hip hop sheds a different light on Muslim youngsters. by exploring how messages of citizenship, political and social activism, gender, race and religion are mediated through music.


20:00 - Introduction by Iman Lechkar (Chairholder Fatima Mernissi Chair, VUB)

20:15 - Artistic performance by Sukina Abdel Noor (Poetic Pilgrimage) and Samira Saleh

20:30 - Lecture by Jeanette Jouili (University of Pittsburgh): 'Muslim Hip Hop Artists in Britain: Role Models for the Youth and/or Model Citizens?'

21:00 - Debate with Jeanette Jouili, Sukina Abdul Noor and Samira Saleh. Moderated by Keltoum Belorf (DeWereldMorgen)

22:00 - End

Bios / Slides

Jeanette S. Jouili is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. She has held fellowships at Cornell’s Society for the Humanities, at Duke University, and at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research at Amsterdam University and had previously taught at the College of Charleston. Her research and teaching interests include Islam in Europe, secularism, pluralism, popular culture, moral and aesthetic practices, and gender. She is author of Pious Practice and Secular Constraints: Women in the Islamic Revival in Europe (Stanford, 2015), has published numerous articles in various peer-reviewed journals.

For the lecture by Jeanette Jouili, click here