10/03/2015 - Campustalks #23: International Women's Day


10 Mar 2015

Kultuurkaffee, VUB, Campus Etterbeek, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel

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(2009-...): Campustalks

International Women's Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action. At the occasion of the 104th International Women's Day, this Campustalks will give the word to seven remarkable women.


12.15-13.00: PechaKucha Presentations

_ Hilde Van de Velde (UZBrussel): 'Diversity in reproductive medicine and genetics'
_ Delphine Thizy (Imperial College London): 'Engagement of women in public consultation and empowerment'
_ Nele Snoeck & Angie Van Steerthem (Stinex bvba & Vlerick Management School): 'Women's authentic leadership'
_ Liesbeth Dillen (She Works With Wo-Men): 'Expiry date….? Playing the game or changing the rules'
_ Petra Van Mulders (Interuniversity Institute for High Energies, ULB-VUB): 'The beauty of particle physics'
_ Sarah Dury (AGOG)
: 'Volunteering in later life: A focus on context'
_ Lucia Smit (VUB & BrainGain): 'Training young professionals in leadership skills and business development'

13.00-14.00: Lunch




Participation to the lunch (13.00-14.00h.) is free but registration is required. To register for lunch (FREE), click here

No registration required if you only take part in the PechaKucha session.

Bios / Slides

Delphine Thizy is a social performance expert, specialized in social impact assessments, stakeholder engagement and livelihood strategies. After four years working in the field of microfinance and livelihood restoration in post-conflict and post-disaster context (Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal), she has built her expertise in project evaluation, social impact assessment and engagement strategies. She now works at Imperial College of London as stakeholder engagement manager for a research project on malaria vector.
She has significant experience on gender issues, particularly related to economic empowerment and land-related issues.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management for Economic Development and a BA in Political Science as well as a diploma in modern Arabic countries. She has worked across Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

Hilde Van de Velde is professor at the VUB in the Faculty of Medicine, she teaches 'fertilisation, embryogenesis and implantation in the human'. She studied biology (botany, 1985) at the VUB where she also obtained her PhD in the field of immunology (medical and pharmaceutical sciences, 1995). She works as a clinical embryologist in the Centre for Reproductive Medicine (UZ Brussel) since 1996. She is also the coordinator for fundamental, translational and clinical research in the IVF laboratory. She is particularly interested in totipotency and early differentiation on the one hand and in the communication between the embryo and the endometrium during implantation on the other hand. She is member of the Federal Committee for research on human embryos in vitro.

Petra Van Mulders is a researcher supported by a postdoctoral mandate of FWO-Vlaanderen with a part-time (10%) professorship at the VUB. Ever since her first visit to CERN at the age of 16, she is passionate about particle physics research. After completing her master thesis in 2006 she obtained a PhD scholarship from IWT-Vlaanderen to investigate new calibration techniques with top quarks at the Large Hadron Collider. Less than four years later, she graduated and initiated the development of an innovating search strategy for quarks of a sequential fourth generation. Under her leadership this resulted in 2012 in the world-best exclusion limits on the existence of these quarks. Simultaneously, she also committed herself to the development of new b-quark jet identification techniques important to study the newly discovered Higgs particle. After developing various improvements and novel techniques, in 2014 she became manager of the heavy-flavour jet identification group in the CMS collaboration, coordinating the research of about 80 people worldwide on this topic. Since 2013, she is also leading the participation of the VUB in the SoLid experiment, a new type of neutrino experiment at very short baseline located at the BR2 reactor from SCK-CEN in Mol (Belgium).

Sarah Dury holds a Master in Adult Educational Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with a thesis titled ‘Cultural participation among older people: determinants of Flemish older people, with particular attention of the urbanization of their residence’. Sarah started her Ph.D. at the VUB (Educational Sciences) in April 2009. Her doctoral research is focused on volunteering in later life, in particular, on the relationships with contextual factors. During her Ph.D., Sarah was a teaching assistant of several Bachelor and Master courses ‘Organization and structure of the social sector’, ‘Introduction in social gerontology’, ‘Adult educational perspectives on Active Aging’ and ‘Capita selecta of social policy’. Sarah has published articles in international journals such as Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Applied Gerontology, and Research on Aging. She also reviewed articles for international journals such as Voluntas and Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Dr. Lucia Smit is owner and professional coach at BRAINGAIN. She analysed the careers of PhDs in the Belgian context for more than 10 years and advised several governmental bodies (VRWI, BELSPO and OECD). BRAINGAIN prepares young professionals for careers in industry and services sector. BRAINGAIN trains young professionals in business development and leadership skills in liaison with universities and research institutes. BRAINGAIN develops talent of professionals to maximize return on investment and increase job satisfaction and personal leadership. BRAINGAIN is accredited by VDAB, Flemish Service for labour mediation and professional training. BRAINGAIN’s individual customers can make use of VDAB career vouchers.

Nele Snoeck (Stinex bvba) is a professional actress with both a career in Belgium and abroad. Today, she has shifted her focus to business life where she gives training in public speaking and more specifically in women's body language. From these training sessions she felt that there was a need for workshops on burnout and prevention. In 2015 Stinex bvba works together with Vlerick Business School in a CICI-project on authentic female leadership.

Liesbeth Dillen is the owner of the Brussels based SHE works with wo-men®. Brussels based. Liesbeth helps companies and leaders to work with a people-planet-profit perspective. She inspires them to drive the changes needed in today’s society under fundamental change and helps her clients create future business development. Her clients vary from multinationals to non-profit organizations in Europe. Liesbeth tells her own inspiring story in a moving PechaKucha-presentation, recounting her rise to leadership with IKEA, her burn-out and her own journey to thriving with joy.

Angie Van Steerthem obtained a Master degree in Roman literature at Brussels University in 2001. In 2006 she successfully completed her PhD in French literature at Brussels University, on the adaptation of the literature and theatre to film of Jean Cocteau. Today, she is active as a research associate at Vlerick Business School, within the Area People & Organisation, and more specifically in the cluster Leadership & coaching.