09/12/2014 - Campustalks #22: The sky is no longer the limit


9 Dec 2014

Kultuurkaffee, VUB, Campus Etterbeek, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel

Part of project: 
(2009-...): Campustalks

Since their early existence humans have tried to push boundaries. This led to revolutionary discoveries, but also to war and ecological catastrophes. Today, more and more people wonder whether the possibilities are really infinite. We have reached, or even already exceeded, the limits of Earth’s natural systems. Ethical issues disallow particular kinds of scientific research or prevent hazardous trade.
In this Campustalks an exciting mix of researchers from different disciplines will reflect on the limits of growth, on the role of political borders, on cultural and ethical boundaries and on calculating limits in a mathematical context.



12.00-12.45: Lunch

12.45-13.45: PechaKucha Presentations

Speakers are:

_ Jean Paul Van Bendegem (VUB, CLWF): 'Till hell freezes over'
_ Dimokritos Kavadias (VUB, POLI)
: 'Drawing Belgium: University Students and their Mental maps'
_ Dries Tys (VUB, HIST)
: 'Boundless seas and limited countries: maritime and land culture in the 9th and 10th centuries'
_ Marijs Boulogne (artist): 'LUCHA LIBRE, or the art of living at risk'
_ Gustaaf Cornelis (VUB, FILO/IDLO): 'We can’t, but we do … science and taboo'
_ Pieter Meurs (VUB, CLEA): 'The limits of globalization'
_ Michiel De Cleene (photographer): 'Barriers - European Neighbouring'


Participation to the lunch (12.00-12.50h.) costs 7 euros. Click here to register for lunch.

No registration required if you only take part in the PechaKucha session (from 12.50h. onwards).

Bios / Slides

Gustaaf Cornelis studied philosophy of science at the VUB, UGent and Polytechnic University of Athens. His Ph.D. dissertation, defended in 1995, pertained to contemporary cosmology. Nowadays he’s concerned with science ethics, the problems of fraud and sloppy science, which he blames the ‘dehumanised academy’. His next book on the renaissance philosopher Francis Bacon is in review.

Dimokritos Kavadias obtained his Ma and Phd in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He held teaching positions in political science, sociology, comparative politics and different methodology courses at the Sociology and Political science departments at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and in the educational science and social science departments of the Universiteit Antwerpen. He currently teaches methodology seminars as an assistant professor at the Political Science Department. His current research activities focus on political socialization, political psychology, civic education, educational & social effectiveness and educational policy.

Michiel De Cleene graduated from KASK Gent in 2010 as a master of fine arts - photography. The recurring theme in his photographic work is an investigation into the functioning of documentary photography with a focus on the processes of limitation, conditioning and authentication (often drawing on a parallel with the tourist experience). Following the series Barriers - European Neighbouring (graduation project) and KLD, he recently finished Perifeer Landschap (2013), octagon/panopticon (2013) and the long-term project -scope (2011-2014).

Marijs Boulogne, a theatre maker, playwright, performance artist and presenter, graduated as a theatre director in 2002 at the RITS School of Arts. She studied an additional year in open workshop, new media, installation, and interdisciplinary work. She began directing her own plays in 1999, and received several prizes for her productions. Her plays have been translated into seven languages and have been performed in many countries under her own direction.
She wrote and directed Voulez-vous poeper avec moi, Herzschmerz, Picknick!, Excavations, The Anatomy Lesson, Marzipan or Plexi, and Who wants to be holy and co-wrote Love Zero Control, Good Habits and Endless Medication with Manah Depauw. Recurring themes in her work are sexuality, comedy and female strategies of liberation throughout the ages. She loves traditional female crafts like embroidery or crochet, which she often uses in her installations and performances. She performs as singer, accordionist, presenter and storyteller.
Her latest passion is the production of Lucha Libre wrestling events. Since 2011 she is presenting, coordinating and organising wrestling events of the 'Spelers van de Ring', Brussels Catch Club. She enjoys working with children and people who have no experience in theatre, as well teaching theatre to the students of RITS, Brussels School of Arts.
In 2014 she wrote and directed the scenes of Waanvlucht, with the Brussels Brecht Eisler Choir and compositions by Frederic Rzewski.