06/11/2012 - Campustalks #15 The ethical limits of (social) media


6 Nov 2012

Kultuurkaffee, VUB, Campus Etterbeek, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel

Part of project: 
(2009-...): Campustalks

Social media present an exciting platform for people to interact. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. are considered as public spaces. However, these spaces are controlled by private investors out for profit. Before turning into a digital shopping mall, the Internet and social media started out as a source of knowledge, a new way to share and spread information. Yet, social networking sites blur the lines between personal and professional behavior. Whose information are you sharing anyway? Does the technology make us more conscious of our actions? Does the fact that our ministers tweet, enhances our trust in the policymaking process? This CAMPUSTALKS addresses the ethical challenges of social media for researchers, journalists, artists, law and health practitioners, policymakers, employers and employees, educators and students, parents and kids.


12.00-12.45: Lunch (€ 7,00)
12.45-13.45: PechaKucha Presentations (FREE)


Speakers are:

_ Kassandra Rothenstadt (iMinds-SMIT, VUB)
_ Ike Picone (Brussels Platform for Journalism, iMinds-SMIT)
_ Rob Heyman (iMinds-SMIT, VUB)
_ Sara Bastiaensens (UA)
_ Katleen Gabriëls (iMinds-SMIT, VUB)
_ Irina Baraliuc (iMinds-SMIT, VUB)
_ Kristof D'hanens (Jeugdwerknet)


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